The Best of Tunbridge Wells

The Best of Tunbridge Wells

I’ve lived in Tunbridge Wells since 2016. I decided it was about time I share some of my favourite spots.

Tunbridge Wells Food & Drink


Vittle and Swig Restaurant

Vittle and Swig is my favourite place to go for dinner. You’ll find it on Camden Road (opposite Next) serving contemporary British cuisine.

For other recommendations, you’ll have to read my full article below. I upped the count to ten for this one because there were just too many great options!


Saint John's Yard Pub

Saint John’s Yard is easily my favourite pub. We end up there most Sunday evenings after the evening service at St John’s Church.

But there are loads of other top drinking establishments – including one with its very own cave! Read more.


Chapel Place Tunbridge Wells Bar

Chapel Place is a great little gin bar down the bottom of town. They have a huge selection of 122 gins – and counting. Fun fact, the owner (Andy) doesn’t like gin!

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Lunch Spots

Basil Tunbridge Wells

Basil is my favourite place to go for a quick lunch. There are two in Tunbridge Wells; one on Lime Hill Road (opposite Bill’s) and another up in St John’s.

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Coffee Shops

Fine Grind is just around the corner from where I live. The coffee is great and I often pop in for breakfast/lunch or even just a business meeting.

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Tunbridge Wells Miscellaneous


One Warwick Park is probably the first hotel I would recommend to people looking for a place to stay in Tunbridge Wells.

There are lots of great hotels though all within walking distance of town. You can find my other favourites by clicking the link below.


Underground Gym Tunbridge Wells

Underground Gym is undoubtedly the best gym in Tunbridge Wells! I would definitely be a member if it wasn’t so far away from where I live.

Fortunately, there are loads of other great gyms to choose from. Click the link below to check out my favourite five.


Strops Barbers

Strops is the barbers that I go to. You’ll find them on Castle Street (next door to Cassidy’s Sports Bar). It’s £21 for a haircut or £23 for a skin fade.

But there are plenty of good barbers scattered around town. You’ll find four more suggestions by clicking the link below.