The 5 Best Tunbridge Wells Hotels

I’ve never even searched for Tunbridge Wells hotels before today, let alone stayed in one because I live in Tunbridge Wells! But I thought this would make an interesting post.

I’m pretending I need a hotel room for two adults, for one night, in two months time (Saturday 23rd – Sunday 24th November 2019). Let’s see what I can find.

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The 10 Best Tunbridge Wells Restaurants

You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to Tunbridge Wells restaurants. Sure, you’ve got all of the standard chains; Pizza Express, Wagamama, Côte Brasserie etc. But there are also loads of great independents!

But which are the best restaurants in Tunbridge Wells? I tried to narrow it down to five but that was too difficult, so here are my top ten.

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The 5 Best Tunbridge Wells Pubs

You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to pubs in Tunbridge Wells. There’s even an annual Tunbridge Wells Pubs Cup competition run by Marcus Novius!

But which are the best pubs in Tunbridge Wells? And more importantly, do they have Harvey’s Best Bitter on draught?

The Best Tunbridge Wells Pubs

In my opinion, these are the best five pubs in Tunbridge Wells…

  1. Saint John’s Yard
  2. Fuggles Beer Cafe
  3. The Guinea
  4. The Mount Edgcumbe
  5. The Opera House

1. Saint John’s Yard

I’m not the only one giving Saint John’s Yard the top spot. It’s won the Tunbridge Wells Pub Cup for the past four years!

Located right up at the top of town, Saint John’s Yard is a bit of a walk – but it’s worth it. Friendly staff. A huge beer garden. £6 burgers on a Sunday. What more could you possibly want? No wonder it’s often packed full of regulars.

They also serve a decent pint of Harvey’s and stock a good range of spirits, including Pipehouse Gin!

2. Fuggles Beer Cafe

Is Fuggles a pub or a bar? I’m not 100% sure. They call themselves a “beer cafe”. But they won CAMRA’s West Kent Pub of the Year in 2017, so I’m including them here.

Fuggles was created in 2013 and has ranked #1 for places in Tunbridge Wells on Foursquare ever since! Fuggles Tonbridge followed in 2017.

They have a huge selection of the best British and European beers, a hipster food menu, and they were onto the gin craze nice and early. Find a rare beer you like? You can probably buy some cans or bottles from Fuggles to takeaway!

3. The Guinea

The old ‘Guinea Butt’ on Calverley Road became The Guinea in 2017 and then went through a full transformation in 2018.

It’s now one of my favourite Tunbridge Wells pubs! A great selection of beers, ales and lagers. A high-quality food offering. And a mega happy hour – all of their cocktails are just £5 Monday to Friday from 5 – 9 pm.

If live music is your thing, The Guinea have a load of different acts and events popping up, as well as a fortnightly quiz night

4. The Mount Edgcumbe

Hidden away in the middle of Tunbridge Wells Common is The Mount Edgcumbe – a gastropub with a difference!

Mount Edgcumbe was actually one of the first places I ever went to for food in Tunbridge Wells and I’ve been back several times. Their Sunday lunch is particularly good and great value too.

They were also the very first place to start serving Pipehouse Gin! And if that isn’t enough to convince you to check them out… The surprise quirk of Mount Edgcumbe is the cave. Yep, it’s a pub with its very own cave!

5. The Opera House

Ok, so you wouldn’t normally expect to see any Wetherspoon pubs on a “best pubs” list. But The Opera House is no ordinary ‘Spoons!

The drinks and food are exactly what you’d expect – cheap and cheerful – but the building is rather special.

As the name suggests, this pub is set inside a restored Edwardian Opera House! That’s pretty special. It’s got to be one of the most interesting Wetherspoons pubs in the UK.

The Best of Tunbridge Wells

This blog post is part of my The Best of Tunbridge Wells series. Click here to discover the best restaurants, gyms, barbers, hotels, and more, in Tunbridge Wells.

The 5 Best Tunbridge Wells Gyms

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The 5 Best Tunbridge Wells Barbers

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The 5 Best Pink Gins for Summer 2019

Pink gin has been everywhere for the past 18 months and there are now loads of pink gins to choose from. But which is the best pink gin?

My BBC Weather app is telling me it’s going to be 37°C tomorrow in Tunbridge Wells! If that’s true, it’s time to refill those ice trays, get the tonic water in the fridge, and buy yourself a new bottle of pink gin.

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WP Engine Alternatives: I Switched to WPX Hosting and Saved $1,000+ Per Year!

If you’re looking for WP Engine alternatives, this is the post for you. After a few weeks of research, I think I’ve found the best option for professional bloggers – like me!

I should start by saying, I’ve been using WP Engine’s managed hosting since 2015. And it’s great. My WordPress site has been consistently fast and live. But recently it’s been getting more and more expensive.

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Hendrick’s Alternatives: The 5 Best Cucumber Flavoured Gins

Hendrick’s Gin is one of the most popular flavoured gins on the market. It gets its distinctive taste from the infusion of cucumber and rose to the gin after distillation.

But let’s be honest… Hendrick’s Gin is a bit middle-of-the-road. It’s nice, but you don’t hear anyone saying “wow” after drinking it. And at £28 it’s neither great value nor particularly exciting.

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How to Turn Your Smartphone Into a Wisephone

I love my iPhone. I can’t imagine not having it in my pocket. It makes my life so much easier. It saves me so much time.

Only 10 years ago, I was printing off directions before driving somewhere new and carrying a mobile phone, an MP3 player and a digital camera wherever I went.

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