Faithful Evangelism: 21st Century Evangelism Strategies (Part 4)

Here we are. You’ve made it (and so have I) to the final part of my evangelism series. This is the good stuff.

Over the past 6,790 words (but who’s counting), we’ve looked at free lunch evangelism, funnel evangelism, and friendship evangelism. Today, we’re thinking about what faithful evangelism looks like in the 21st century. And it’s gonna be a long one!

Friendship Evangelism: 21st Century Evangelism Strategies (Part 3)

The idea of friendship evangelism has become super popular over the last couple of decades. Perhaps because it’s the polar opposite of the street preacher, standing on a corner, shouting into a megaphone. Friendship evangelism sounds personal and loving.

In this article, I’ll be writing about; what friendship evangelism actually is, my failed attempts at it, and why it might be time for a rethink.

Funnel Evangelism: 21st Century Evangelism Strategies (Part 2)

Yesterday I wrote about, what I’m calling, free lunch evangelism. Today, I move on to funnel evangelism – another term I’ve just made up!

This is part two of a four-part series looking at evangelism in the 21st century. I’ll be covering…

Free Lunch Evangelism: 21st Century Evangelism Strategies (Part 1)

They say there’s no such thing as a free lunch. Well, I used to have a couple of wearable sandwich boards that begged to differ!

In this article, I’ll be sharing my thoughts on “free lunch evangelism”; what it is, why we naturally want to do it, and why it might be time for a rethink.

Should I Upload My Music Video To A Platform Like GRM Daily?

Ok, here’s the situation. You’ve got a big new track coming out in four week’s time and you’ve shot a professional music video for the release. But now you’re thinking, “Where should I upload my music video?”

Obviously, you’re going to be putting it on YouTube. But you have two options and a big decision to make. Do you upload it to your own YouTube channel? Or do you upload it to a platform – like GRM Daily, SBTV, Link Up TV, etc.

How Can I Spot a Fake Spotify Playlist?

For a while now, Spotify has been swarming with fake Spotify playlists. This is probably one of the reasons why they stopped promoting user-generated playlists and instead ramped up their own official playlist offering.

You might be thinking… What is a fake Spotify playlist? Why would someone create a fake playlist? And how can I spot them? Well, don’t worry. This post (part of my Advice for Artists series) will answer any and all of your questions!

5 Noteworthy Tunbridge Wells Hotels

I’ve never even searched for Tunbridge Wells hotels before today, let alone stayed in one because I live in Tunbridge Wells! But I thought this would make an interesting post.

I’m pretending I need a hotel room for two adults, for one night, in two months time (Saturday 23rd – Sunday 24th November 2019). Let’s see what I can find.

10 Noteworthy Tunbridge Wells Restaurants

You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to Tunbridge Wells restaurants. Sure, you’ve got all of the standard chains; Pizza Express, Wagamama, Côte Brasserie etc. But there are also loads of great independents!

But which are the best restaurants in Tunbridge Wells? I tried to narrow it down to five but that was too difficult, so here are my top ten.