advice for artists

Advice for Artists

It’s tough being an independent artist. Not only do you need to focus on making great music (which is a full-time job in itself) but you also need to know about branding and marketing, release strategies, promotion, social media, and a million other things.

You’ve probably got a ton of questions, so I’ve created this page to try and answer them. Here’s my best “advice for artists”…


  • Should I upload my music to Spotify, Soundcloud, or both?
  • How do I get on an official Spotify playlist?
  • How does the Spotify algorithm work?
  • What more important, Spotify listeners or Spotify followers?
  • Should I buy Spotify streams for my music?
  • Should I pay to be added to a big Spotify playlist?
  • How can I spot a fake Spotify playlist?
  • Should I stream my own music to boost my Spotify numbers?
  • Should I start my own Spotify playlist?
  • How can I get more Spotify playlist followers?

Social Media

  • As a rapper, do I need to be on TikTok & Triller?


  • Should I release multiple singles, an EP, or an album?
  • Should I upload my music video to a platform like GRM Daily?
  • Should I quit my day job and become a rapper full-time?
  • Should I sign to a small label or stay independent?
  • How can I point people to Jesus through my music?
  • Should I label myself as a “Christian rapper”?
  • Should I Re-Release a Track by Deleting it on Spotify?

Questions without links are yet to be written. Don’t worry, I’ll get to them soon.

If you’re an artist with a question you’d like me to answer, please email it to with “Advice for Artists” in the subject.